Thank You

Well it is that time again, I just want to reflect on this year and be super positive as the world sometimes seems to be crumbling and going a little crazy now.

I have a lot of things to be grateful for this year and most of them are you, my clients. I appreciate the trust you have in me and my Bookkeeping business. My business has grown quite a lot this year with five new clients just in the last few months. Next year is going to be an exciting time for me as I currently have one part-time time staff member who is working away quietly in the background, and another one starting next year. They will be doing Admin and Bookkeeping which I will oversee. This is going to free up my time for more App Advisory and Implementation and Training and getting out and seeing you all.
I am also grateful forICNZB (Institute of Certified NZ Bookkeepers) of which I have been a Certified member for the past 5 years. ICNZB are focussed on the continual development and professionalism of our members, the profession and education of the general public on the value of bookkeeping.
Xero is another company that I could not run my business without, the support they give us as Bookkeepers and the support they give business owners and the community, goes beyond just being a software provider, which they are not.
So thanks for being in my life!!