"Our mission is to empower business owners and their staff, 

with the knowledge and tools to ensure they thrive in their field"

When small businesses start out, the founder/owner wears many different hats and one of those hats is often bookkeeper. They get to a point where they are just juggling too many things and this slows growth. By partnering with The Sorted Office Ltd we have seen businesses really flourish and take things to the next level and see people hiring their first team members, moving from home offices to a professional office and seeing real growth by freeing the owner up to focus on growth.

Bookkeeping Services

With years of experience and a diverse skill set, I have handled the bookkeeping needs of a variety of clients. Whether you’re looking for someone to support you through tax season or you need a person to handle your day to day bookkeeping or administration needs,  I am ready to work with you.

Xero and Bookkeeping Training

Are you or any of your staff struggling with any aspects of Office Administration from basics right through to Xero or any Xero add-ons?  Or maybe you need a refresher? Contact us and we can talk through a solution to help you get on track.

Office Systems Reviews

Does your office look like a episode of hoarders or is it a pile of paper in your work van??

I can come to you and organise the disorder and set up systems to stop it happening again.