Job Management Software


Too often I see situations where unnecessary levels of stress in managing a service business come about because owners are time poor, bogged down in paperwork and can’t focus their attention where they really need it. 

Not only that, but with 80 percent of businesses still stuck in the paperwork past, adopting a job management system that digitises your systems will not only free up your time to get on with the job (or enjoy a bit of extra R&R!), but also give you an edge over the competition.

How does it work?

Job management software, like GeoNext, are online platforms that give you the tools to do things like storing and accessing information, scheduling jobs, and managing finances using ‘Cloud’ technology, which is a secure way of storing information on the internet. 

Being accessible on PCs, tablets and mobiles means your team can stay connected on a secure and efficient system that takes the headache out of keeping track of everything that is going on in the business. Need to access quotes, invoices, expenses, job details and schedules from any device and have updates instantly integrated for everyone to see? With the Cloud this is possible. 

What are the features I should look for?

There’s a lot of information on job management software on the internet, which is why, like GeoNext, it’s important to keep things simple. The main features you should consider include: 

Job creation and allocation - store and track your jobs with important details such as customer information, date, location, specifics, notes as well as staff allocation and status.

Job schedules and timesheets - track everything on the one calendar making it easier to see what everyone is doing. Staff can integrate their schedules so there aren’t any clashes, as well as using it as a system to put in sick leave, and annual leave as well as to track work hours.

Staff location tracking - view the location and routes your staff take through the use of smartphones and Google Maps. Great for finding out an ETA without disrupting staff when they’re on the road. 

Financial management tools - customise templates to create quotes and invoices delivered to customers via email or SMS. Also useful for keeping information updated and in the one place where you can track expenses and taxable items.

A version for smartphones and tablets - make sure it integrates across multiple devices (ideally for IOS and Android) in real time so the team can track daily work wherever they are.

Able to integrate with other software - link up other systems, such as accounting software, into the one system so you don’t need to juggle multiple apps. 

Why make the switch from manual paperwork?

There are several benefits of job management software that will help your business flourish once you move away from manual paperwork:

It’s a huge time saver - you work quicker and more efficiently. On average, businesses save up to 14 hours a week from the reduction in admin work.

It’s easier to keep track of everything - with job details, schedules, finances and team communication in one place means nothing will fall through the cracks. 

Gives that extra professional touch - you will have better capacity to easily create quotes and invoices, communicate better with clients and operate a system that is easy to use for your team. No more rummaging around for missing paperwork or lag times in coordinating work.

Get more done and grow your business - greater efficiencies and better visibility of jobs saves time and allows you to plan more effectively. More time to plan means more time to grow your business. 
Get in touch and start your journey with job management software today!

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