My journey into Bookkeeping

A long long time ago back in the early 90's I worked for a Bookkeeper in Palmerston North, I was not long out of school.  I was probably a shit 17 year old employee but I enjoyed the work.  I then moved on and worked in an Accountant’s office for a while before relocating to Mount Maunganui.  Over the 20 years being up there I held mostly Office Roles in Payroll, Accounts Receivable, Accounts Payable.  These positions were in lots of different industries, from Manufacturing, Real Estate, Heavy Engineering, Light Engineering. 

After I got a little restless of doing office work and was offered a position selling welding products, which I loved and enjoyed learning about a whole other side of the engineering world, which I did for a few years until Daniel (my son) came along and changed our world. 

I went back to full-time work after having him (which I regret), but the bills had to be paid and mortgage interest rates were almost 9% (holy shit I hope they never get that high again), so felt that I had to.  After having Daniel I started to think about Bookkeeping as a career, I could work the hours I wanted to with the clients I enjoy working with. I did not know where to start or how to start, and it was just a bit much for my busy brain.

My hubby had been tiling as an employee and decided to go out on his own, so he was my first client.  I started him on MYOB Essentials, and it was going well, then Xero caught my attention and I loved it.  I enrolled in a Bookkeeping course to upskill myself and give myself the confidence to start pushing what I really wanted to do. Once I finished that course I was enrolled as a Certified Bookkeeper with  NZ Bookkeepers Association which is now ICNZB.  ICNZB has been an amazing source of information, confidence, and support. I have now been a member for 5 years and have met some amazing talented bookkeepers who are always willing to share and help.

 We then decided to move back to the Manawatu as the Tauranga housing market was just out of control.   I worked part-time in an Accountants office when we moved back down for about a year.  Then I reached out in the Bookkeeping community to see if anyone needed any help in the Manawatu.  A wonderful bookkeeper got in touch, and she passed on two amazing clients to me.  They were my first real paying (not bottles of wine) client’s and such a pleasure to work with and I am still lurking around them almost 6 years later.  The work I did for them with Xero made me decide to become a Xero Partner, which has opened many opportunities for me. I am soo grateful for the experience I have gained over these years and the clients that trust me with their businesses and mostly listen and do as they are told :-)

So The Sorted Office started, the name came from what I always said to employers and customers, “yes I can sort that out”.  I have always been a problem solver and always looking for ways to do things differently.

I see a real need for businesses to have someone come in and look over their Office Systems and Procedures.  With the automation that is out there and coming out all the time, I wanted a service to offer business owners to upskill themselves and their office staff.  The main industries that I work with are Trades businesses but have had lots of different ones lately which has been fabulous and its good to keep my brain moving in different directions.  I really LOVE what I do and feel so much satisfaction when I go into a business and take some stress from the business owners and their staff.

So that is my story, I hope its not too jumbled up and you learn something about me that maybe you did not know before.