Get all your Bookkeeping needs taken care of by us.

Bookkeeping Services $60.00 per hour + GST

What we do:

Bank Reconciliations, Payroll, Quoting and Invoicing your clients, sorting out your accounts payable, GST.

Record the information in accounting software using proper accounting methods

Save you and your accountant loads of time by taking care of your books for you!

$60.00 + GST per hour
Note minimum one hour per month up to a maximum of 10 hours per month.

App Advisory & Implementation

What we do:

App advisory involves understanding the challenges and opportunities your business is facing, and advising you on the right Xero-integrated apps to meet your needs. 
We meet with you go over your needs and then we will recommend which apps will suit you and your business.  Then we train you or your staff on using these apps and provide ongoing support.

Starting from $100.00 + GST per hour, minimum of 2 hours to start

Xero and Bookkeeping Training

What we do:

Wanting to look after your own books in house but struggling a little? 

No worries – we got you! We can come to your work space and help with any aspects of Office Administration from basics right through to Xero. Get in touch and we can work out a solution for you.

Starting from $100.00 + GST per hour

Xero Health Check

What we do:

The Benefits of a Xero Health Check
Ensure your accounts are accurate;
Identify errors, duplications and/or omissions;
Identify problem areas and rectify before other issues arise;
Identify a need for training to ensure errors aren’t repeated;
Ensure any additions or changes (i.e additional accounts) since setup or your last Health Check have been implemented correctly.
Peace of mind!

$250.00 + GST

Office System Reviews

What we do:

As a business owner, you want your business to be productive, right?  Sometimes you just need a pair of fresh eyes to come in and help you clean up your systems – and we’re happy to help with a review.
An Office System Review can help you become more efficient and automated so that you stop wasting time with long processes or outdated software!
We’ll come in and sit down with your team to work through your operational, logistical and financial processes. 

Starting from $100.00 + GST per hour, minimum of 2 hours to start

"If you work with us, we'll become part of the team by offering day-to-day support for your business and helping to keep things running smoothly"